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It's a New Game!
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Our Vision
The Wheelhouse Academy vision is encapsulated in our motto: It’s a New Game!  It means creating a healthier more positive youth sports culture by changing the way we educate kids to compete at a high level.  

We believe the true objective of mastering a discipline, whether it be sports, music or any art, is for the student to experience fully the inherent thrill of that discipline. First and foremost, baseball programs should foster the student’s love for the game, and then help the student develop skills to play at a high level while continuing to increase their love for what they’re doing.  

Throughout their playing career Wheelhouse Academy students will compete at the highest possible level and will constantly revel in their enjoyment of the game. They’ll continually learn and discover greater insights into the game and themselves. And with each explosion of the ball hit off their bat, there’s an explosion of joy and passion in their heart.  

It’s a game for everyone
There was a time when some of our greatest baseball heroes hailed from the American inner cities and neighborhoods. But that has changed. Wheelhouse Academy aims to reinvigorate the enthusiasm for baseball in these neighborhoods through innovative programs, generous scholarships and financial assistance.  

It’s a New Game! Batter Up!

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